Radon related Problem 2

This is a follow up to a post entitled Radon related Problem. I hope to continue this series of posts.

Let me introduce Radon’s theorem: It is the following if there are more than d+2 points in a d dimensional space the points may be divided into two sets whose convex hulls intersect in at least one point. When the problem mentioned in the previous post is referred to as Radon related it is this theorem which is meant. Let me give a reference for this theorem:


If we try to go beyond a division into 2 sets of points to 3 and more there is a generalization called Tverberg’s theorem. I will talk about it in the next of these series of posts.


2 Responses to “Radon related Problem 2”

  1. andrescaicedo Says:

    Hi Kristal,

    There is a small typo in your statement of Radon’s theorem; you forgot to mention the convex hulls, (and said “dimensiona” somewhere.)

  2. kristalcantwell Says:

    Thank you for this I think I made the corrections.

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