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October 11, 2010

An Irregular Mind: Szemer├ędi is 70 is now out. See this site. It includes “Density Hales-Jewett And Moser Numbers” one of the Polymath1 papers. Also there are more articles related to the Polymath projects: “Introduction to the Polymath Project” by Michael A. Nielsen and “Polymath And The Density Hales-Jewett Theorem” by Tim Gowers.


Hirsch Conjecture Counterexample 2

October 10, 2010

I have just found some more resources related to this counterexample. they are on this website. On this page there are some data files for the Santos prismatoid and its dual. Also here there is news that further progress has been made and there are counterexamples to the Hirsch conjecture in dimension 23.