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June 22, 2010

There is a post here about the organization of the upcoming mini-Polymath project. It should start July 8 or 9. There is a poll about the starting time.

Let me update this. There is now a starting time. It is 16:00 July 8 UTC, which is 9 AM July 8 Los Angeles time. It will be on the Polymath blog.

Let me update this, It has started.

Let me update this further. There are now two solutions here and

There is also a discussion thread and a wiki page.



June 21, 2010

There is a new thread for Polymath5 here.

Polymath3 will deal with the polynomial Hirsch conjecture. Here is a post about the Hirsch conjecture. Here is another about the polynomial Hirsch conjecture. Here is a link to various materials about the counterexample to the Hirsch conjecture including a television interview.

Hirsch Conjecture Counterexample

June 15, 2010

The paper that I have talked about before is available here. It proves there is a counterexample in 43 dimensions to the Hirsch conjecture.


June 14, 2010

The results of Polymath4 are being written up. See this post.
The latex files for the paper are here.

There is now a first draft here.

There is now a thread about the paper mentioned above.

Future Mini-Polymath Project

June 13, 2010

There is a discussion here about a future mini-Polymath project based on 2010 IMO question 6.

Stack Exchange

June 11, 2010

Stack Exchange the software which MathOverflow is based on is undergoing changes. See this link.

Also Google Wave is now open to everybody. See here . We once talked about using this in future Polymath projects.